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Driving Progress On Social Issues
Date:2022-12-29        Hits:231        Back
 As a global company operating across industries and geographic borders, our technologies and innovations are grounded in helping people live better lives. Advancement in this area starts within our own walls.

Creating a culture where everyone is welcomed, trusted,
celebrated and empowered is not only the right thing to do — it’s the best way for us to create value.

At Emerson, we’re dedicated to modernizing our workplace so our company can meet the needs and expectations of today’s workers and attract talent that will help us thrive.
In 2021, we introduced a goal of doubling representation at the leadership level of women globally and minorities in the U.S. by 2030. And, to lead our efforts to support our people and strengthen the employee experience, we appointed Elizabeth Adefioye as Emerson’s first Chief People Officer. Her energy and fresh perspectives will help ensure our people and culture agenda support our ambitious business objectives and global strategies.
We’re also committed to creating positive change in the communities where we live and work. Education is an area of particular importance to us, because we know it can be the catalyst to great opportunity for under-resourced communities and minority populations. We are now focusing our giving efforts, pledging $200 million over the next 10 years to organizations that address the vital issue of education inequity, with a particular emphasis on the development of children and youth. This commitment underscores our vision to create a more equitable future for all.