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Reinforcing Our Commitment To Strong Governance
Date:2022-12-29        Hits:224        Back
 Reinforcing Our Commitment To Strong Governance

Governance and execution have been fundamental to Emerson’s identity since our founding more than 130 years ago. We continue to evaluate our structures and policies to integrate our ESG priorities throughout the various facets of our organization, including our total compensation discussions and programs.

Reinforcing the importance of compliance and ethical behavior in our governance measures, we promoted Chief Compliance Officer Lisa Flavin to our Office of the Chief Executive. Lisa helps to ensure we maintain a disciplined approach to evaluating and continuing to improve our systems of internal control, financial reporting and compliance.
We’re also privileged to be guided by a Board of Directors that has served as a strong and trusted partner in our ESG journey. In 2021, we appointed James Turley as non-executive independent chair of the Board. Jim’s experience with Emerson and in finance, public company service and executive leadership are a true asset.
We are also proud to have strong diversity as well as leadership by women on our Board, with two of the three required Board Committees now led by women.
I want to extend my sincere thanks to the Emerson Board of Directors and the Office of the Chief Executive, as well as our employees and customers. Our accomplishments this year would not have been possible without the collective input, creativity, time and efforts of each and every one of you. And there’s so much more to come through our commitment to our culture, portfolio and execution – with ESG as a driving force. When we combine the talents and passion of our global workforce, the impact we can make for our customers, industries and communities we serve is truly limitless.