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AVENTICS cylinder MSC series
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Update date 2022-12-29 15:44
 AVENTICS Micro Slide Rail, MSC-HG-EE series With centering Ring Ø8-25 mm Dual Action with Magnetic Piston buffering elastic Easy2Combine Function Dual Piston with integrated "High performance" ball rail System Low/high ambient temperatures 0 to 60°C Compressed air High particle size 5 µm compressed air Oil content 0... 1 mg /m³ Determine piston force pressure 6.3 bar Technical Information At ambient and moderate temperatures, the pressure dew point must be at least 15°C and must not exceed 3°C. The oil content of compressed air must remain constant throughout its life cycle. AVENTICS approved oils are used only. You can find more information in the "Technical Information" documentation, located in the Media Entre. Repeat accuracy after 100 consecutive strokes: 0.3mm material housing aluminum, positive oxidation piston rod stainless steel front panel aluminum, positive oxidation sealing polyurethane ball rail table aluminum, positive oxidation rail steel, hardened centering ring stainless steel