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AVENTICS Compressed Air Filter AS1 Series
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 AVENTICS Maintenance Unit, Part 2-Series AS1-ACD G 1/4 Surplus Air Source Filter porosity 5 µm With Integrated Pressure Gauge Version 2 Part, can be assembled into block Parts Filter pressure Regulator Valve, Lubricator Vertical mounting direction Small/large operating pressure 1.5... 12 bar Low/high ambient temperature -10 to 50°C Low/high equitemperature -10 to 50°C Medium compressed air neutral gas rated flow Qn 700 l/min Regulator Type Diaphragm Pressure regulator Regulator function with exhaust adjustment range Small/large 0,5... 8 Bar Pressure supply Single filter Capacity 16cm³ filter element Replaceable lubricator reservoir Volume 35cm³ refueling Type Manual refueling Technical information The pressure dew point must be at least 15°C and not exceed 3°C at ambient and moderate temperatures. Note: Polycarbonate containers are susceptible to solvents. Additional information can be found under "Customer Information". Because of its design, it is also suitable for separating fluid oil or water. Highly accessible compressed air complies with ISO 8583-1:20:7: - Material housing polyamide front plate acrylonitrile butadiene styrene seal acrylonitrile butadiene rubber thread bushing-die-cast zinc reservoir polycarbonate shield polyamide filter element Cellpor