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AVENTICS Pneumatic Valve Islands HF03-LG Series
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 AVENTICS Valve System, series HF03-LG Configurable Valve System, multi, field bus blocking principle single substrate principle small/large operating pressure -0,9... 10 bar low/high ambient temperature 0... 50°C low/high temperature 0... 50°C compressed air high particle size 5 µm compressed air oil content 0... 5 mg /m³ rated flow Qn 700 l/min electronic working voltage 24 V DC valve position large number 32 protection etc IP65 DC working voltage 24 V withstand voltage DC-15% / + 20% Example configuration is shown. As a result, the delivered product may deviate from the diagram. Control pressure must be followed, otherwise it may lead to faulty switches and valves! At ambient and moderate temperatures, the pressure dew point must be at least 15°C and not exceed 3°C. The oil content of compressed air must remain constant throughout its life cycle. AVENTICS approved oils are used only. You can find more information in the "Technical Information" documentation, located in the Media Entre.